How to borrow 75K+ more TODAY (before 2022 conventional mortgage increase)

How to borrow 75K+ more TODAY (before 2022 conventional mortgage increase) – Palm Beach Real Estate

In the competitive Florida Real Estate Market, specifIcally Palm Beach County, buyers need higher loans or they are forced put more money down at closing. In 2022, the conventional mortgage limit will increase 15%. (over $75,000). Florida buyers are eager to buy now because prices continue to climb and they want to secure a home today.


The Good News:

Senior Loan Specialist Carmen Mayell has access to the conventional mortgage increase today in Palm Beach County Florida, prior to the 2022 conventional mortgage increase. Contact Carmen Mayell at 561-870-8944 to secure a higher loan today with as little as 3% down!

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The sunset that never fails and always falls on Palm Beach Real Estate

When I took this photo today I thought:

“Wow, you know you are in South Florida when the sunset

blesses home owners with a radiance of pink and orange”

What a delicacy it would have been to live at 2 City Plaza today in

Downtown West Palm Beach… and you can. With an overflow of

air streaming by from the Intercoastal and Atlantic Ocean, I am

embarrassed to say I drove to work today. Needless to say, I will see

everyone on the sidewalk tomorrow! See condos for sale in Two City Plaza.


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Buyers Move Forward with Full Confidence

Sale Prices still Increasing


Supply Still Dropping.

unnamedjanuary supply of inventory palm beach

The early bird gets the worm is in full affect if you are looking to relocate or move to Palm Beach, Broward or St. Lucie County.

I personally like to compare Miami to New York City – Palm Beach being “The Boston” of the Florida East Coast. The Palm Beach real estate market has been undervalued for quite some time. It is obvious that home buyers are taking full advantage of the “great value” (in consideration to all that Palm Beach County has to offer in comparison to other popular locations throughout the United States).

With eye-catching interest rates, a favorable amount of buying power, and stricter mortgage+loan guidelines, buyers are moving with a full force CONFIDENCE knowing that Palm Beach isn’t just a good investment, its a great place to call home.

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Palm Beach Sales up 700% Since Last Year

Health and wellness are everyone’s top priority this year, and the Florida real estate market truly reflects that. The sunshine state has seen a lot of change this year, and the Florida Real Estate Market makes the top of the list. Palm Beach real estate inventory was nearly wiped out in December of 2020. Home sales were up 700% from December 2019; record highs. Palm Beach is more attractive than ever!

The question is…. what can sellers expect for 2021? 


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